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Connected Wine Smart Aerator

Connected Wine Smart Aerator

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Connected Wine Aerator - Android and iOS Compatible - Box containing 1 Smart Aerator, 1 Protection Bag, 1 Charging Stand, 1 USB Cable - Instant Wine Aeration - Plus Manufacturer Warranty

  • A NEW WINE EXPERIENCE: Adaptable to all wine bottles, this connected aerator precisely calculates the oxygenation required for immediate tasting of all types of wine, without prior decanting
  • REVEAL THE NATURE OF THE WINE: Based on a patented technology without chemicals and adjustable according to your desires, this aerator equipped with a stop-drop pourer injects air into the heart of the flow when pouring the wine.
  • A CONNECTED AERATOR: Thanks to the Aveine mobile application, pair the aerator with your smartphone to control it and obtain technical information on the wine you are drinking or advice on how to aerate it.
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Place the aerator on the uncorked bottle of wine, scan the label with your phone, the app determines the correct oxygenation. All you have to do is serve the wine and enjoy the aromas.
  • FRENCH CULTURE : Combining the French wine heritage with new technologies, Aveine is the result of the meeting of three entrepreneurs in search of new experiences, united by their passion for wine.
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Aveine Smart Wine Aerator at use

A new way to instantly aerate your wine

The Aveine aerator precisely calculates the ideal aeration of any wine, allowing immediate consumption upon

opening of the bottle.

The patented technology recreates the aeration process in a controlled manner by mixing air into the wine as it


Aveine can be used with all types of wine bottles

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How does it work?

When you pour the wine into the glass through the device, ambient air is injected into the flow. When you set the aerator to 6 hours, the aerator reproduces the aeration of the wine, exactly as if you had left the bottle uncorked for 6 hours.

The difference is that you have the same result instantly

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