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Air Purifier Health Stage Large Room Portable

Air Purifier Health Stage Large Room Portable

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Air Health Large Room Portable Air Purifier|1,600 Sq Ft|UV Lamp|H13-HEPA, Carbon, PCO Filter|Captures 99.97% of .3 Microns|Smart|Quiet|Great for Allergens, Smoke, Mold, Odor, Pets, Dust

  • ADVANCED AIR PURIFIER: Go beyond a basic filter and fan and choose a real air purifier. Skye features 5 stages including a Pre-filter (Large Particles), Carbon Filter (Odors like pets and smoke), H13 HEPA Filter (99.97% of Micro Particles to .3 microns), UVC light (Reduces Bacteria, Viruses, Mold, & Fungi EPA# 87627-CHN-1), PRO-Cell (Reduces 80% of Chemical Odors (VOCs) within 2 hrs)
  • CLEANER AIR FAST: Purifies the air in large rooms up to 1,600 sq. ft. in just 30 minutes and 3200 sq. ft. in 1 hour at 420 CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • QUIET: Low noise from 22 Decibels on level 1 (inaudible) - 59 Decibels on level 10 (refrigerator)
  • SMART AND ACTIVE: Seven sensors constantly monitor air quality for you and adjusts if polluted air is detected. The Skye air purifier app provides you complete control to set schedules to turn on/off or ramp up or down around events like bed time, and connects to smart devices.
  • TESTED AND APPROVED: 3rd party tested and certified. CARB, AHAM certifications and tested by Innovative BioAnalysis. Scientifically proven to capture 99.97% of pollen, dust, allergens, and smoke and reduces 99.99% of viruses, bacteria, and fungi for the freshest and cleanest air
Skye Portable HEPA Air Purifier

Get the Best Air Purifier for Your Home. After All You Deserve it

Everyone wants the air in their home to be clean, fresh, and free from odors. SKYE uv portable air purifier doesn't just filter the air you breathe, it actively purifies the air in your home to be the cleanest and the freshest -- guaranteed. But it can be a scary world. What you can't see (or smell) can hurt you so getting more than a filter is important these days. SKYE air purifier has a brain and the ability to adapt to new threats. It's blue halo -- built into the top, let's you know what it is thinking, what it has found and how hard at work it is doing its job. It scrubs the air where you decide to put it. It removes germs, pollen, dust, dust mites, dander, smoke and much more. It has a technology that does not just rely on a static HEPA filter, like others, to do its work. It contains new cutting edge technology that sanitizes your air from noxious gasses and a host of bad stuff we can hardly pronounce. All of the technology that makes it work is listed below. Go ahead and take a read. Just know that folks with compromised immune systems, asthmatics, and severe allergy sufferers rely on SKYE for the healthiest and cleanest air to breathe.

Plus, the Air Health Skye portable air purifier is smarter than the others and never talks back. It remains whisper quiet while it automatically does its duty. It works with you smart home assistants and has an app ("Air Health IAQ") that lets you control it from your smart phone.

SKYE is beautiful. You don't need to hide it. Show it off.

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